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Bidtora is a One Stop Shop to create an RFP response - the solution that encompasses all key features of response creation for an RFP/ Bid. It gives a competitive edge over the other vendors with multiple aids while preparing responses. Bidtora is a knowledge-based solution, that has a guided approach with suitable references and artifacts to respond to an RFP. The appropriateness of detail provides a high quality response with less resources and with less throughput time, thus ensuring a smart way of working. Consequently, the overall accuracy of the responses will enhance and multiply the chances of winning.


Tekwizdom is an innovative solution for knowledge workers enabled by modern technologies and omni-present mobility. It enables growing organizations, SMEs and conglomerates to capture, use and improve core practices in the form of artifacts. It is a mobile first solution that meets various needs - from knowledge retention, process compliance, rapid artifact development, artifact usage, real-time artefact performance dashboard, new-joiner orientation, etc. Tekwizdom accelerate growth by making better decisions faster, based on real-time insights and data. The solution allows users to create artifacts (procedures, manuals, user guides, etc.) in multimedia format (text, picture, video, and audio) and report issues.


"GotThePay" is a user friendly, comprehensive solution which maps core HRMS functions. It is best suited for small and medium-sized organizations to enable the HRMS solution to make smart decisions with a comprehensive and customizable function. It aims to improve the productivity and efficiency of the business through the automation of manual tasks for HR Administration. "GotThePay" is easy to create, tracks attendance against client records and is an 'all in one place' application to monitor and govern key HR-related reports.