Building solutions together

Cloud Computing (available in the primary forms of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions) provides the benefits of flexible capacity management,"pay-as-you-go billing", instant availability and allows development teams to focus on application features rather than infrastructure.

At TekWissen we provide you with a solution that captures all of these benefits of Cloud Computing and uses the best industry tools to effectively address any technical challenges.

There are several key ingredients to our delivery in the Cloud Computing space:

  • In-house and cloud infrastructure supported: We have expertise in all of the major cloud platforms:

    Amazon Web Services , Google App Engine,Rackspace Public Cloud , Windows Azure,RightScale , SoftLayer,Heroku ,OpenShift , Jelastic , DigitalOcean

  • Expertise in SaaS/PaaS systems development: Our software engineering team has years of SaaS/PaaS development expertise.

  • Release rollout and operations: Our Systems Engineering, DeveOps and Network Operations Control teams have a proven track record of building scalable IaaS/PaaS/SaaS solutions, deploying complex systems on hundreds of server nodes and provisioning reliable and scalable operations in 24/7/365 mode and at 99.9+% availability.

  • Thorough load and stress testing: Our QA team makes sure that your product scales well and will sustain production-level load.

Architectural design for distributed scalable systems

Building large-scale distributed platforms is no easy task, comprehensive awareness of the challenges of increased data volume, velocity and variety is required. Proper use of existing and evolving software frameworks and products will mitigate risks but it is still necessary to have an in depth understanding of the Cloud Computing landscape and the pros/cons of each specific solution.

TekWissen employs seasoned System and Software Architects to work collaboratively with the Software and Systems Engineering, DeveOps and Network Operations control teams to gather requirements, pick appropriate solutions and design a system that efficiently meets the clients needs.

Cloud systems engineering

Our Cloud System Engineering services provides the following:

  • Choice of optimal cloud platform
    Our Systems Engineering team has experience with all key, cutting-edge cloud services platforms and can make optimal choices based your business requirements.

  • Setup of Monitoring, Alert management & Metrics systems
    In addition to systems setup, this also includes system architecture evolution, optimization and problem solving to maintain system operation within the defined NOC SLA.

  • Provision of efficient and scalable operations of managed software systems
    The monitoring-alert-metrics toolchain is used by the Network Operations Control team to provision high availability operations in 24/7 mode.

  • Backup and recovery
    Disaster recovery scenarios are defined and backup servers are prepared.

Cloud DeveOps

Cloud DeveOps services bring our DeveOps services into the Cloud. This includes:

  • Implementation of continuous delivery pipelines over the cloud infrastructure
  • Utilization of cloud-based staging solutions
  • Provisioning of cloud distribution of mobile applications and virtual environments
  • Release management--deployment of all software updates, patches and hot-fixes by DeveOps team

Development and quality assurance of cloud solutions

TekWissen has a proven track record of successfully delivering distributed and scalable SaaS/PaaS solutions and has accumulated a substantial amount of knowledge and expertise in this area.

Our software and QA engineers are well aware of the challenges of Cloud Computing and are up to the task of building and testing your product the right way.

Amazon Web Services

• Elastic Compute Cloud
• Elastic MapReduce
• Route 53
• CloudFront
• Simple Storage Service
• DynamoDB
• ElastiCache
• SimpleDB
• Elastic Transcoder
• Simple Email Service
• Simple Queue Service and others.


•Cloud Servers
• Cloud Block Storage
• Cloud Files
• Cloud Databases
• Cloud Big Data Platform
• Cloud DNS and others.

Windows Azure

•Web sites
• Virtual machines
• Hosted/Cloud Services
• Data management
• Business Analytics and others.


•Dedicated Servers
• Virtual Servers
•Object Storage
• Network Services and others.

Google App Engine

•Google Cloud Storage
• Full Text Search
• Monitoring
• Files
• Blobstore
• Images
• Log Service
• Mail
• Memcache and others.


• Run-time application environments
• Heroku Postgres
• Platform API


•Enterprise Cloud Management
• Enterprise Multi-Cloud Management Platform
• Cloud Analytics