Building solutions together

We adopt a tried & tested Project Management process to help co-create the best products with you. We have codified this under requirements management and this process consists of several key stages:

  • Investigation and Research

    We work with you to identify goals, limitations, tools, requirements, processes and user needs.

  • Implementability

    We determine what requirements and development efforts will be needed.

  • Design and Development

    We work closely with design and development teams to ensure that all design work supports the ultimate product goals.

  • Testing

    We ensure that schedule, budget and project scope meets the original requirements.

  • Release

    Once version one of the product is complete, we collect user feedback, create input for the next product iteration and begin the investigation stage again.


The deliverables of the requirements process are largely dependant on the specifics of any given project. Some of the deliverables you can expect include:

  • Stakeholder Analysis

    While working with our clients we validate who the sponsor of our engagement is and define what they and the client will use as success measures for the project.

  • Current State Analysis

    We provide an analysis of the current state of both the business and the product before planning for any improvements.

  • Scope Statement

    We help to clearly define your business needs and the scope of the solution requirements in order to ensure that we can make fully informed decisions.

  • Visual Specifications

    We apply specifications provided by the requirements managers to create low-fidelity wireframes, prototypes and workflow diagrams that help both the development and customer teams to fully understand and accurately execute the product features before implementation.

  • User Acceptance Test Plans and Demos

    Although business owners maintain ownership over the user acceptance testing, our Requirements Managers provide strong support throughout the process. They are responsible for guiding you through the system behavior, helping you identify the most suitable testing scenarios and presenting you and product stakeholders with detailed demonstrations of the projects achievements.


TekWissen Express

TekWissen Express is our in-house end-to-end delivery process, based on the the best industrys standards, of agile development, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean Development, Continuous Delivery and Total Quality Management.

Elaboration phase

Our personal recommendation is to begin all projects with an elaboration phase. Here we work in collaboration with you to produce a detailed description of your product functionality, a clear breakdown of your development costs and a visualization of your user interface all of which ensure that you enter the implementation phase of your software product with fewer associated risks.

Implementation Phase

Our requirements managers also play a key role in the implementation phase. Along with the product owners, they communicate to the development and QA team the products goals, requirements, defined roadmap and the specified scope for its features. Ultimately, requirements managers act as the liaison between the development team and the customer they solve issues, clarify requirements and implementation details, conduct pre-acceptance testing and demonstrate sessions during the iterative development process.