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Case Study: Filling "Essential Workforce" Positions During COVID-19

Case Studies

Filling "Essential Workforce" Positions During COVID-19


The US auto industry lost millions of jobs in the early days of the pandemic, but demand for vehicles rebounded quickly and auto manufacturers are facing worker shortages due to lingering fears of COVID-19. Companies are offering increased wages, attendance bonuses, and turning to a larger pool of staffing vendors to attract more workers but are still struggling to find enough people to manage their production lines.

2.Business Challenge

Our client was unable to keep up with demand for new vehicles and leaned on their Master Service Provider to find the right sub-vendors to fill their open skilled trade Production Assembler positions.

TekWissen Group was added to the program to support and add supplier diversity. The decision to add TekWissen Group was based on prior performance in other programs with similar skill shortages for production assembly workers and engineering roles.


TekWissen Group was onboarded as a supplier to the auto manufacturing client program in mid-July 2020.

TekWissen was able to tap into a pool of resources with the required engineering and manufacturing skills that are able to relocate across the United States. By providing the resources access to affordable housing and relocating groups of people together TekWissen was able to bring the workforce to the work.

Here are some of the keys to success:
  • Attract a uniquely qualified talent pool with authorizations to work in the United States
  • Provide training and upskilling opportunities to the resources
  • Offer work opportunities in multiple locations and client sites across the country
  • Provide corporate housing and relocation assistance to the resources
4.Results Delivered

In less than three full months as a supplier to the client TekWissen Group filled 143 production assembly / manufacturing process associate positions.

  • July 2020 – Filled 34 positions for our client in less than three weeks as an active supplier.
  • August 2020 – Filled an additional 77 open positions.
  • September 2020 – Filled an additional 63 open positions.

TekWissen was recognized by the master vendor team for making an immediate impact on the open request volume and for having an average time to fill of less than seven days.

In this time, TekWissen has also drastically reduced contractor attrition by maintaining a fall off rate of less than 11 percent, which is well below industry norms.