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Case Study: Helping our client scale up quickly with permanent IT hiring

Case Studies

Helping our client scale up quickly with permanent IT hiring


A digital transformation company that partners with organizations inside and outside the federal government to develop digital solutions won a new contract and needed to scale up quickly.

2.Business Challenge

One of the biggest challenges our client has been facing in 2021 is finding workers with a mix of the right technical skills and client facing demeanor. The tech skills gap is nothing new; it’s been making headlines for over a decade. Yet, the skills gap continues to widen because of a shortage of tech talent, and the side-effect of the pandemic known as “the great resignation” where highly skilled employees were leaving their current employer for higher paying, remote work opportunities.These factors prevented our client from retaining or finding the talent they needed to support their new projects.


TekWissen Group was engaged to source and fill multiple Drupal and WordPress positions.

TekWissen conducted a nation-wide search to build a talent pool of qualified candidates. To increase the quality of candidates, we performed market research which provided insight into the difficulties of sourcing for the client's hard-to-fill positions. TekWissen quickly built a targeted talent community across the U.S. by engaging social media sites, white labeled pages on job boards, affiliations with professional groups, academic institutions and various community groups. These combined measures helped identify a strong pool of diverse talent.

4.Results Delivered

In less than one month results included:

  • Curating a talent pool by increasing brand recognition via social engagement with candidates
  • Increase in quality of candidate, which led to a 3-to-1 interview-to-hire ratio
  • Time-to-fill for these difficult to fill positions was greatly reduced

“Thank you all for the tremendous and hard work on this, we really appreciate the effort and partnership!” – Director of Talent