The Dedicated Team model is the most popular solution for dynamic companies that constantly innovate and improve their products and services. It is very flexible, which makes it easy to bring to market quickly. However, it also requires a high level of communication and integration between all parties involved.

What define this model is:

  • A team of dedicated developers/designers works only on one project / one client under the client representative guidance
  • Complete involvement and control from the clients representative
  • Daily work updates and reporting as agreed upfront
  • Monthly scope reports and payment based on the hours worked as requested/approved by the clients representative


The client will discuss with the company representative about the scope of the project. Our representatives will start preparing the specification documents that estimate the hour/monthly price and staff requirements for the project. When these terms are mutually agreed, a specific agreement is prepared for signing. In this time, our company will start to build a team dedicated for the project. After the agreement is signed and a dedicated team starts working, the client takes full control over the assigned team. If the workload changes, both parties can agree to change the agreement, for example if the workload increases, more team members can be added to the initial dedicated team. The dedicated team comes with an experienced dedicated team leader to ensure the success of the project. The advantage of a dedicated team is that the total cost is lower than the average of a local developers or companies.