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Commitment to Diversity

To achieve best outcomes, TekWissen Group needs team members who bring a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and lived experiences. We believe that all TekWissenites share the responsibility of upholding our values of equity and inclusion. Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) team takes the lead in working to increase awareness and accountability and promote active allyship throughout the company.

To us, Diversity is more than a certification or ticking a box, or reaching a “diverse spend” goal. Diversity is inclusion, acceptance, honoring differences, and respect. As a certified LGBTE and SDVOSB diverse company, we make a sincere effort to include as many candidates from diverse communities as possible. We practice a policy that it is important that not only the individual(s) that qualify for a company’s certification benefit from opportunities afforded by the certification, but also the community they represent. What this means is, if a company is LGBTE and SDVOSB owned, like us, there should be a focus on developing practices to include more LGBTE & Veterans in the workforce.

Diversity at TekWissen

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