Our Cloud

The Cloud is one of the biggest topics in IT today. One of the most common questions we are asked is How can the Cloud benefit my business?

The answer is simple. The Cloud can provide your business with a higher level of reliability, accessibility, security and scalability for your applications, data, and communications. LAN speed has spent the past several years researching, deploying and testing dozens of cloud offerings. These experiences have given us extensive knowledge and allowed us build strong relationships with the best of breed cloud vendors.

As business moves more of their applications and data into the Cloud, the level of complexity and the importance of seamless integration rises. LAN speed can assist your organization with crafting a Cloud strategy that maps IT with your business needs. Once the strategy is defined, our Cloud experts can help your organization deploy, test and assess the appropriate cloud solutions. We encourage you to leverage our expertise and years of working with Cloud solutions to ensure the success of taking your business into the Cloud.