Introducing TekWissen Express

Over the course of the last 40 months, TekWissen has delivered hundreds of top-quality on-time/on-spec/on-budget releases using TekWissen Express, a best-of-breed methodology built on an enhanced Technologies.

Based on the TekWissene teams 4+ years experience in successful delivery, TekWissen Express has proven its quality in multi-project environments of up to 40 simultaneous projects varying from small, 4-5 man/month engagements to large, 200+ man/years projects with monthly major releases happening across 2+ years.

TekWissen Express is a continually evolving body of knowledge. Its development is driven by TekWissen's Program Management Office and major new releases of the methodology itself are put into company-wide use every quarter.

Who We Are

Global Business Consulting delivers market leading solutions through unparalleled market insight, industry expertise, proprietary technologies, and global presence.

Our approach is based on 3 top-level goals:

Whether you engage Global Business Consulting for the complete travel strategy development or just to optimize a portion of your program, you can trust that we work with the same customer focus that the American Express Global Business Travel brand is known for. Our consultants include industry veterans with decades of combined experience in all aspects of the travel business. Tap into the expertise that sets us apart. Contact us today and revolutionize your companies travel program.