Building solutions together

We are passionate about technology convergence within the Health and Fitness space and playing a role in creating disruptive new products and platforms.

Our TekWissen team is excited and passionate about creating game-changing products to disrupt the digital health industry. We know that in this innovative space there is no one-size-fits-all approach on the contrary, we strive to provide individually tailored, business-centric solutions that people love. Regardless of whether the product is at an idea or an existing solution stage, we will always adopt the most appropriate process for the task including integration with personal trackers like Fitbit and capturing data directly from card consoles.

We rely on a rock-solid delivery framework that combines the best of both Agile (Scrum, Lean, Kanban) and classic (RUP, PMBOK) approaches. Our team is made up of passionate, involved individuals with experience in software engineering, QA, UX & design, project & product management and operations. Our end-to-end product development capabilities enable us to build and maintain synergistic, highly-productive, cross-functional teams that have the dial-up dial-down flexibility expected of an innovative product development partner.


The success of even the greatest product is contingent on core use case, design and technological components that are based on creative, best-practice approaches. The TekWissen team has the required skills and expertise to enable product development regardless of whether it is a web portal, a mobile app or a hardware device that requires embedded technology.

Please visit the links below for more information:

  • Web portals
    The development of rich web applications is core to our domain expertise. We have a track record of delivering award winning informational interfaces, management consoles, rock solid backend solutions and flexible APIs that allow your solution to talk to the world.

  • Mobile tracking and communication
    We have developed mobile apps that have gone on to be highly ranked on all of the major app stores: Google Play, Apple AppStore, Blackberry App World and Nokia OVI, to name a few. We are a turnkey servicess provider that can cover everything from UX to A/B testing.

  • Wearable Technology
    In the age of the quantified self and internet of things, you need more than simply a mobile app and an integrated backend. People are turning to personal trackers, health monitors and infotainment gadgets deliver a personalised experience and it is critical that businesses leverage this opportunity. Contact us to see how our in-house Connected Runtime Framework can serve as a foundation for your next breakthrough device.

Platforms & Technology

The TekWissen Connected Runtime Framework (CRF) has a wide range of applications including wearables, gateway devices and associated cloud solutions. It is a one-stop solution for a variety of options when developing energy conscious, cloud-enabled IoT devices that will facilitate the modern lifestyle. We also provide powerful solutions that enable users to leverage their collected data for use in applications