Building solutions together

Enterprise software domains have exploded over the last few years and continue to drive further market growth. Here at TekWissen, we can help our clients gain market share with our expertise in many of the technologies, trends and industries strongly related to this growth.

Movement of enterprise software into the Cloud
Cloud Computing has now been strongly adopted as a robust enterprise software paradigm and more and more businesses are switching to a SaaS model for their IT investments. The forecast for growth in IT spending through 2014 is four times as high for SaaS solutions as for traditional on-premise offerings.

Tekwissens profound expertise in cloud computing strongly with this ongoing trend.

Adoption of Big Data management
Big Data is another big driver for Enterprise Software Growth, according to IDC An area where TekWissen also has strong expertise.

Social Enterprise
TekWissen addresses the needs of this category with an appealing service portfolio for Social Enterprise, based on our expertise in social software, web and mobile technologies.

Vertical markets expertise
Tekwissens expertise in Cloud computing and SaaS, Big Data management and Social software lay a strong foundation for our Enterprise segment service offering. Our expertise in key vertical markets further solidifies our value.

End-to-end development services
The TekWissen team has the full-cycle capability to drive product delivery through all of its phases from ideation and elaboration, to detailed product requirements definition, UX design, solution deployment and finally solution operations support in the production mode.

Business process analysis

A clear understanding of business needs and process solutions that address these are key to building successful enterprise software. Our product management team is vastly experienced in this analysis task and a wide set of software technologies and business domains.

Software integration

Modern end-to-end enterprise software solutions are rarely written from scratch. Integration is an essential component of the solution and the TekWissen team has deep experience with different protocols, frameworks, APIs and enterprise middleware solutions.

Enterprise portal and content management solutions

CMS and enterprise portals often act as aggregators of different functional software within the enterprise. We are able to provide effective portal solutions and have experience with all major CMS, including SharePoint, Liferay, Drupal, and Joomla.

Enterprise data management

The ability to collect, manage, analyse and report data effectively is an indispensable characteristic of a successful company. Our expertise with Big Data Management provides our team with the strong tools required to solve enterprise data management challenges.

Enterprise mobility and Enterprise cloud

Modern Enterprise systems have gone mobile and become cloud-enabled via SaaS model. Mobile and cloud are key to infrastructure in the enterprise software segment and TekWissen we embrace this by providing very strong development support via our cloud technology portfolios.

Enterprise 2.0

Social software features are becoming a standard industry approach to collaboration, sharing, and organization of information within the enterprise. TekWissen addresses the challenges faced when building effective social enterprises via our social software, web and mobile service offerings.

Internet marketing support

The TekWissen engineering team works closely with internet marketing teams to cover every engineering aspect of search engine optimization and to provide full technical support to our customers internet marketing teams.

E-commerce support

We offer delivery of key e-commerce features, including:

  • Payment systems integration: PayPal, Authorize.Net and range of B2B billing providers
  • Shipping systems integration: UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and other specialized providers
  • CRM systems integration: SalesForce, SugarCRM and others
  • Accounting, Order tracking, CRM/ERP systems integrations

Enterprise vertical solutions

We have built strong services and product offerings for a variety of vertical markets, including:

  • • Banking
  • • Media & Communications
  • • Connected Health & Fitness
  • • Automotive
  • • Gaming & Gamification
  • • Smart Energy & Smart Grid