Tekwissens media & entertainment practice have developed industry specific services and IT solutions catering to all the phases of the content life cycles from production to distribution. Our consulting team defines a vision, which our implementation teams turn into a reality.

Researchers predict that the media and entertainment industry will register a growth rate of 5.7 per cent in the upcoming years. The estimated compound revenue over the next 5 years sums up to 2.1 trillion. Media products such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and online games like Angry Birds or Farmville have proved to be successful business avenues for content producers and distributors. By 2015, the revenue turnaround of in-game purchases from online games is likely to reach $11 billion. The drastic change in the psyche of the online consumer is quite evident and enterprises can acquire their market share only by harnessing the power of technology.

Challenges & Opportunities

Communication Generates Preeminent Interest:
There is more to the media and entertainment industry than just publishing innovation-driven games, broadcasting or publishing content- formulating communities are equally essential. Synchronizing social endeavors with media solutions can facilitate enterprises to user-engagement for their products.

Integration across Multiple Platforms:
Contemporary media consumers are not bound to a single media platform. Instead, they diversify their experience, utilizing a plethora of devices such as smart phones, tablets, desktops and laptops, to access diversified media dimensions. Developing native applications that can be accessed from multiple platforms will realize evolving market demands.

Monetization of Content:
The constant evolution of the online market calls for a farsighted approach from savvy enterprises that can convert traffic influx into a revenue stream. Media industry enjoys a superlative audience engagement as compared to other industry verticals and consequently, is a favored platform for adverts and branding messages.

User Experience:
Owing to the cut-throat competition in the media and entertainment industry, rendering unique user experience is cardinal. Your media applications must be well-executed, well-developed and well-tested to enable users make the most out of it. Even a slight technical glitch in your application can amount to irreparable damage to your online brand.

Retaining Customers:
The golden rule of this industry is to retain existing customers while brewing new relationships. The need to introduce innovative new-media concepts by analyzing existing consumer behavior is indispensable. Enterprises can efficiently foster relations with active brand-loyal users, while alluring new consumers into their business domain.

How TekWissen Delivers Business Value

TekWissen renders cutting-edge media and entertainment solutions including content platforms, micro-game applications and media aggregators that are functional across the gamut of channels and devices. At TekWissen, the in-house cadre of solution developers and software geeks work collaboratively to contrive applications that consolidate your brand presence across the industry.

Business Process Transformation:
Media solutions rendered by TekWissen leverage your business model with unique and media-aware SOA infrastructure which enables you to manage, optimize and manage business processes. Our enterprise-wide solutions enable automation of digital media content flow including integration of third party vendors.

Media Information Management:
TekWissen media and entertainment solutions enable enterprises to establish a reliable and a holistic view on consumer information, establish processes that enable capturing, storing, managing, preserving and delivering data and integrate distinct media systems using the technology.

Secure and Managed Infrastructure:
We render management tools that proffer optimized and secure performance of distinctive media assets, systems, networks and channels. Our solutions take security management a notch higher and extend enterprise security solutions to Android as well as Ios mobile devices.

Multi-Channel Approach:
At TekWissen, we render media solutions that have a multi-channel approach. We focus on improvising customer experience and creating new revenue-generating avenues with our broad-spectrum solutions that include HTML5 application development for Android and Ios mobile devices, full-cycle marketing campaigns, B2C and B2B commerce solutions and dedicated user-interaction.

Business Analysis and Optimization:
Media and entertainment solutions rendered by TekWissen focus on utilizing social data and sources to develop business analytics that enhance your enterprise's decision making capabilities by providing insights on which markets to approach, how to make your approach more efficient and how to build pricing packages to suit the evolving market needs.